About Coffee Chakra

High Country Coffee Roasters

Unique in-house roasted coffee with a flavour unlike any other.

We deliver our micro-roasted coffee beans and unique chai blend with love from our Myrtleford espresso bar.

Treat your soul to the flavour of the High Country

In Victoria’s Alpine town of Myrtleford, husband and wife team Leonie and Vivek (Vick) have combined their culinary talents – Leonie as a well-known chef and Vick’s expertise in coffee roasting. The result is Coffee Chakra.

The speciality coffee and chai produced at Coffee Chakra is a combination of a passionate soul and a keen eye for detail. This intriguing fusion extends to the couple’s heritage. Vick’s family roots in India and Leonie’s traditional Aussie heritage. A true hand-crafted experience, Leonie shares her passion for pottery with beverages served in her handmade ceramics.

Coffee Chakra’s roastery produces beans offering exceptional taste. The care and attention to quality and flavour is obvious to regulars and travellers alike. Smooth rich aromas are crafted with Vick’s hand selected green coffee beans. We are very discerning with the source of our beans and nurture our relationships with growers. You can taste the love from the grower, to the roaster –then from the barista to the customer.

At home in Myrtleford, the heart of Victoria's High Country

Experience Coffee Chakra at the Myrtleford Roastery, or look out for the Spitfire Vintage Coffee Van at events and pop-ups in North East Victoria.
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