Magneto Blend



Our Signature Blend

Tasting Notes :

  • Full Bodied cup with notes of Malt , Chocolate and Caramel with a subtle raspberry and grapefruit acidity with long sweet finish.
  • This Blend is a creation between East African and Central American legendary micro-lots sourced directly by our suppliers from Melbourne.
  • We Follow all Fair trade rules and keep in mind the rainforest preservation, also giving the farmers what they rightfully deserve for their hard work.
  • Not only is this a great milk based coffee option but anyone who likes to indulge in the true regional flavors of these countries can also enjoy them as Short Blacks (as we call it here in Australia) or in other words Espresso. And goes beautifully as Long Black as well promising to satisfy every molecule of your tongue.
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Whole Beans, Stove Top /Percolator, Areopress, Espresso Machine, Chemex, Plunger/French Press


250g, 1kg

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